March, 2013

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Problem . What is Google’s APM program & experience like ? . Action . Video below explains best. Source: LINK       Outcome . An understanding of Google’s APM program’s experience at an overview level. . . .  

Problem . What is the product manager’s motorway ? . Action . The diagram and the annotations below depict that as an example.     Outcome . A basic understanding of the stage of products relative to each other within a portfolio or product line that might have multiple products existing in parallel. . . . Source: Haines, S. (n.d.). The Product Manager’s Desk Reference.

Problem . What is the concept phase in product development ? . Action . The concept phase is designed to help one rapidly vet a large number of ideas so a more manageable number of ideas can be evaluated in the subsequent phase The main idea is to drive the concepts that have the best chance to achieve success in your chosen segments. The inputs, activities, and outputs of the …

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Problem . What is active Ideation in a product environment ? . Action . As quarterback of the cross-funcational team, the product manager’s mantra should be “What next ?” Ideation s a term used to define the methods and techniques that generate ideas through market sensing, market exploration and other discovery techniques. Ideation is often associated with innovation, which seems a natural connection How to do Ideation: You and your …

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