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Problem . Why should a product manager be prepared to tell the story from data ? . Action   . It’s a product manager’s job at times to connect the dots from all sources and tell the story – both from business and technical perspective.   Snippet below gives the relevant highlights that answer above question. Outcome . The ability to tell a story is critical to communicate across all …

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Problem . What is SWOT Analysis and how to use it ? . Action . SWOT stands for Strenghts, Opportunities, Weakness and Threats. Updated in 2014 with a new YouTube link below An example of SWOT analysis below:   Quadrant layout for product SWOT Model           Outcome . An understanding of the SWOT model to evaluate a business or product plan. . . . Source: Haines, …

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Problem . How to perform a strategic product retrospective and baseline evaluation ? . Action . Use the template below Above template can be revised to meet the requirements of any product environment PS: CY-2 in above chart means 2 years before the current year Fill out key metrics and indicators for each past year that are comparable across the last three years to see where things have been and …

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