March, 2012

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Problem How to know where you are in your evolutionary development as a product leader ? . Action   Below figure provides a template to use to assess above question. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, where do you think you are and what might you be able to improve ?     Outcome A improving product leader will have an understanding of areas of …

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Problem How to manage Cross-Functional Team Membership Across the Life Cycle ? . Action As products move from one area of work to another (from New Product planning to New Product Introduction, for example) or from one phase to another, team membership will evolve. The table below provides a way to identify team members who need to be associated with the team at various phases across the entire life cycle. …

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Problem   How to clarify roles and responsibilities ?   . Action   Use the RACI Matrix as a quick way to do so.     Outcome   A simple an easy method to keep stakeholders engaged and informed. Source: Haines, S. (n.d.). The Product Manager’s Desk Reference.

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