February, 2012

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Problem What is a basic Product Master Plan ? . Action Product Master Plan is the centerpiece meta-document that houses all product related documentation. Such plans have also found their ways as living documents in intranets or internal knowledge bases utilizing tools like Confluence or other similar comparative tools that allow the plan to be shareable among team members. The plan can be thought of as the perfect “tribal knowledge” …

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Problem   Product Management Life Cycle Model and Four Areas of Work – what are they & how to define them in an organization ? . Action   Below model can be used to identify the areas of work   Outcome   To have an understanding of the product management life cycle model’s overview and the typical sequence of activities that should be undertaken when managing products and projects around …

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Problem   What are Product Modules & Platforms ?   . Action MODULES are individual “black box” type pieces of a product. These can can be tangible components like hardware components of a product These can also be intangible components which might include features of a product that help customer fulfill a need or the terms and conditions of product usage (license limitations or extra access rights) that help consumer …

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